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Groundbreaking LCV Overload Protection

VanWeigh has revolutionised the market for LCV overload protection and load optimisation systems. Featuring VPG Onboard Weighing’s patented inclinometer technology, it provides a flexible fit-and-forget solution suitable for any twin axle light commercial vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes.

Simple to fit, easy to use and requiring no re-calibration, VanWeigh makes overload protection and load optimisation available to a wider market. It works with any type of suspension, delivering accurate weight monitoring at a competitive price. This makes VanWeigh ideal for avoiding overload penalties in any jurisdiction.


Sensor Technology With No Moving Parts

VanWeigh is the only onboard weighing system for LCVs that doesn’t rely on spring deflection to measure weight. Instead, it uses inclinometers along with air pressure sensors where needed.

This game-changing approach not only makes VanWeigh easy to install, it also means there is minimal need for ongoing maintenance. Once fitted, the system will consistently provide high accuracy weighing of better than ±2.5% at 90-100% GVW with no need for future re-calibration. To date, more than 35,000 satisfied customers have taken advantage of these benefits and more.

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Avoiding Fines, Staying Compliant

VanWeigh serves a dual purpose, protecting your business and your drivers from potential fines, license endorsements or worse for breaking the law on load limits, while also helping to maximise every payload. Guaranteeing every vehicle operates within its designed safety limits will become even more critical for European logistics when tough new EU enforcement regulations come into force in May 2021.

VanWeigh monitors both gross vehicle weight and individual axle weight, providing clear alerts on a full colour touch screen supported by audible alarms so no load limit breach is ever missed. Telematics output options can relay all data to fleet managers.

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The Big Easy - Fit and Forget

The VanWeigh system is lightweight yet rugged, designed to require minimum maintenance. The lack of moving parts means the internal components suffer very little wear and tear and don’t slip out of calibration. The system can easily be installed by trained technicians within four hours. Our agents are located in 30 countries worldwide.


Simple to Use

VanWeigh requires no driver input and features a large colour touch screen for ease of use. It supports several languages and communicates important information to the driver via clear visual messages and audio alarms.


Axle and Total Load Monitoring

By placing a patented VPG Onboard Weighing solid-state sensor on each axle, VanWeigh monitors individual axle loads and total vehicle loads simultaneously. It is configured with three preset alert conditions:

  • Safe: Indicates loads up to 90% of limits for either front or rear axle and total load.
  • Warning: Indicates loads between 90% and 100% of limits.
  • Overload: Alerts the driver that the load has exceeded axle or total vehicle limits.


Telematics Output

For simple plug-and-play telematics integration, the Vanweigh indicator features a dedicated output for connecting to an external tracking system. An optional cable supplied by VPG Onboard Weighing allows your telematics platform to capture load data and log alerts.


Features and Benefits

  • Weighing accuracy or ±2.5% (90%-100% of GVW) or better
  • Axle and gross overload warnings
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Colour touch screen
  • Simple to operate
  • No driver input required
  • Helps to balance load distribution and maximise payload capacity
  • Reduces vehicle wear and tear
  • Improves operating tolerance of vehicle (braking)
  • Potential to reduce fuel consumption
  • Avoid fines and overload endorsements
  • Protect your license
  • Electrical Tests Passed for E and CE Marking Requirements
  • Environmental Performance Exceeds SAE J1455
  • OEM versions available
  • NEW in 2022: Wi-Fi connectivity to either a smart phone or tablet.


VanWeigh Product Sheet

VanWeigh User Manual